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Minika activity gyms

Please do not leave a child unsupervised with the Minika activity gym. Our design contains small pieces and string which could cause a choking and strangulation hazard if misused.

Babies should always be supervised by an adult when playing with Minika activity gyms.

Please never leave a child under 3 years old alone with this activity gym.

Check all beads and parts before each use and discard immediately if damaged. 

The wooden rings are made from a natural material and therefore adult supervision is required. Natural wood can crack or break with heavy impact or improper handling if it contains a knot or weakened area.

The beads are strung on a strong nylon cord, specially tied and subjected to resistance tests.

NEVER leave your baby alone with silicone teethers. If your silicone teether breaks or is damaged do not let the baby use it, send it back for repair or for a replacement. Please examine all toys and items your baby and/or children play with before and after each use and if you notice any signs of potential wear and tear in the products we supply, please discontinue use immediately and contact -We.

Our teethers are tested to ensure they meet or exceed all current Health Canada safety standards. These tests prove that the MATERIALS and DESIGN of the product are completely safe for your baby under adult supervision. It should not be left with unattended babies or children. Adult supervision is required.

Cleaning: Wash with a damp cloth.