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Meal calendar


This calendar of first meals and introduction of allergens , created by Laurence Morency-Guay, professor of psychology, and illustrated by Marie-Pier Tremblay, illustrator and graphic designer, is a tool to simplify your start in this wonderful adventure of diversification carried out by the child! It is sometimes stressful to know what to offer to baby. Many people often ask me: “Where do I start? What should I present to him first? When do I include allergens? ". If you recognize yourself, this tool is for you!

thanks to Naomi Gagnon for the picture!

This tool was created in collaboration with Cosette Gergès, nutritionist-dietitian, member of the Pediatric Nutritionist team.

Here's what you'll find in this handy, full-color printed notebook:

  • Menu developed for 5 weeks integrating foods suitable for beginners and priority allergens
  • Weekly recipes and extra recipes
  • "Grocery list" section to facilitate the preparation of family meals
  • Tips, tricks and explanations
  • Practical table of introduction of priority allergens
  • Answers from Cosette Gergès, nutritionist, to the most frequently asked questions
  • Guide to recommended products to help you find them at the grocery store

Note that this product is based on the Canadian recommendations the most current.