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Book - Our 100 DME recipes


Here it is, here it is: a book dedicated to meals for your baby-EMR!

This tool offers six sections that will accompany you in the kitchen and at the table to facilitate the feeding of the whole family.

Part One: Basics

This section aims to recall the principles of the method, a summary of the development of baby's skills related to food and a summary of information on the integration of priority allergens.

Note that this book alone is not as comprehensive as our guide to EMR can provide you with complete information on the principles, security measures and other content to practice this method in a pleasant and safe way.

Part Two: Plan Your Meals

This section aims to help you choose appropriate ingredients for your baby while reminding you of the rules to follow when it comes time to build their menu.

Note that this book is not a turnkey tool for baby's daily meals. If you are looking for more precise framing, this is our first meal schedule what you will need!

Part Three: Balanced Meals

You will find information relating to the use of salt and sugar for baby dishes, information on the nutritional aspect of baby food (revised by Cosette Gergès, pediatric nutritionist), the standard menu for babies according to their age and some first food cuts in pictures.

Part Four: Cooking for Baby

Here we offer you basic tips related to the size and texture of the foods incorporated into the dishes, a short guide to cooking foods (suggested times and temperatures), how to adapt certain meals and certain foods, substitution suggestions for food allergies and tips to help you succeed with your recipes.

Part Five: DME Recipes for Family Eating

This largest section offers you a hundred varied recipes, for both small and big eaters!

  • 20 breakfast recipes, ideas for varying toppings on toast and morning menu inspirations
  • 41 lunch and dinner meal recipes
  • 6 "to drink" recipes and ideas for smoothie mixes
  • 10 Spread Recipes and Guide to Carriers
  • 23 recipes for desserts and snacks

A total of 35 allergen-free recipes and 38 vegan recipes!

Sixth part: After the DME (12M and +)

In this last section, you will find a summary of the characteristics of “graduates of the DME”: general characteristics of the child from 12 to 14 months and some tips to facilitate family meals according to the age of the children.